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Building Power through Narrative

The role of communications and storytelling in Civil Rights Lawsuits

Chelsea Fuller

is a seasoned strategic communications and media strategist with more than a decade of experience supporting movements for radical change. Previously she held the position of Vice President of Communications at TIME'S UP and was the Deputy Director of Communications at Blackbird, a leading movement capacity-building firm where she worked for nearly six years. 


Known for her work inside of The Movement for Black Lives, The ‘me too.’ Movement and other formations working to end systemic violence, Fuller has led countless successful campaigns and messaging strategies, effectively shifting national and international narratives around central issues like race, white supremacy, patriarchal violence and community safety. As a former journalist and media advocate, Fuller is highly regarded for her work in helping journalists and media managers adjust their reporting of systemic issues–work that has ultimately led to more accurate, nuanced and authentic coverage of issues impacting the most vulnerable including sexual violence, the criminalization of Black children and police violence. Fuller brings a wealth of experience, as well as deep-trusted relationships with media, business and community leaders around the globe. She has successfully placed stories in the likes of The New York Times, The Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Yahoo Business, Vanity Fair, Refinery 29, The Root, Essence and others. She’s advised dozens of clients, including Twitter, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, The National Urban League, SEIU, Dignity and Power Now, Argent, The Highlander Center, and the Working Families Party. 


Fuller holds a BA in News Editorial Journalism and Africana Studies from West Virginia University, an MA in Strategic Communications and Social Justice Advocacy from American University and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Divinity at Methodist Theological School of Ohio.


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