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Dave Michels is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Leading EDJE, a software consulting company.

Born and raised outside of Chicago in a bustling household with five siblings, Michels attributes his strong sense of family to his upbringing. His childhood was characterized by a love for sports and an abundance of energy, often leading to mischief.

Despite this, Michels learned valuable life lessons from his parents, who instilled principles of right and wrong.

With a passion for sports shaping his early years, Michels excelled in various athletic pursuits, instilling in him a drive to succeed and a penchant for teamwork. He credits his soccer coach, Coach Otten, for instilling the values of hard work and punctuality during his formative years. In high school and college, Michels worked in the foodservice and warehouse industries, gaining diverse experiences.

Initially envisioning a career as a professional or extreme athlete, Michels transitioned to the field of engineering during high school. Fascinated by computer science, he pursued this path in college, leading to his first job in software development after graduation. Unsatisfied with their employer, Michels, along with colleagues Joelle and Erica, founded Leading EDJE, leveraging their complementary skill sets.

Reflecting on the early days of the company, Michels fondly recalls the excitement of starting a business and overcoming challenges. Despite the inevitable hurdles, such as financial strains, Michels takes pride in the company's sterling reputation and the impactful solutions it delivers to clients.

Looking to the future, Michels envisions Leading EDJE expanding its reach and embracing emerging technologies to enhance its services further.

Beyond professional pursuits, Michels dedicates much of his time outside of work to his four children, finding solace in outdoor activities like cycling, snowboarding, and golf.

Despite personal challenges, including the loss of his wife during his children's teenage years, Michels considers raising his children into adulthood as his greatest personal accomplishment, reflecting his resilience and dedication to family.


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