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How to Win Your Direct Hospital Negligence Claim

Allen is a born and raised Ohioan. He grew up here, went to undergrad and law school in Ohio, and now serves this community with his law firm. Hardworking blue-collar people are his roots, who he relates with best, and is the reason he couldn’t see himself living anywhere else.

Allen was dropped on his great-great-aunt and uncle’s doorstep when he was two weeks old. They took him in when they didn’t have to and raised him as their own. While growing up, the phrase “it takes a village” couldn’t be more true for him. He loves being able to help the people he grew up around and give back to the village that helped raise him. Both as a business and personally, Allen strongly believes in giving back to the community. He has a scholarship for students and is involved with many community initiatives. Allen is best known as a family man, Cleveland sports fan, and supportive member of his community.


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