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Medicare Advantage - Part C

Margaret Murray is a seasoned attorney whose commitment to justice and advocacy has defined her illustrious career.

After graduating from Case Western Reserve University Law School in 1996, Murray embarked on a journey marked by dedication and unwavering support for her clients.

Her legal prowess was honed during her tenure at the Erie County Prosecutor’s Office before she found her calling at Murray & Murray. At the core of Murray's professional ethos is her profound dedication to her clients' causes. She approaches each case with a fervent desire to make a meaningful impact, ensuring that her clients feel heard and supported throughout the legal process.

Murray finds immense fulfillment in presenting her clients' cases to the court, demonstrating the depth of care and commitment her firm provides. Inspired by her parents' lifelong devotion to education, Murray believes in the power of continual learning and growth. Her advice to young professionals reflects her belief in the importance of focus, hard work, and a thorough understanding of the law. Beyond her legal career, Murray is deeply involved in giving back to her community. She serves as a commissioner with Erie MetroParks and plays an active role in local and regional politics as a member of the State Central Committee for the Democratic Party.

Additionally, Murray is the president of the Democratic Women of Erie County, exemplifying her commitment to civic engagement and social progress. Murray's legal expertise spans various areas, including plaintiffs' trial practice, personal injury law, wrongful death actions, insurance law, class actions, and unclaimed property law. Her extensive bar admissions and numerous accolades, including recognition by Best Lawyers in America® and Ohio Super Lawyers®, underscore her exceptional contributions to the legal profession. Outside of her legal pursuits, Murray indulges her passion for tennis, finding joy and relaxation on the court. Her multifaceted approach to life, encompassing both professional excellence and personal fulfillment, serves as a testament to her remarkable character and unwavering dedication to serving others.


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