Virtual Annual Convention FAQs

How does this work?

You will virtually connect to the OAJ Convention through Zoom. OAJ Headquarters will be able to see the times you logged in and out of each session and your answer to poll questions. OAJ will submit the CLE credits on your behalf to the Supreme Court of Ohio.

When will I receive the Zoom links to connect?

You will receive an email from with links to connect to each Zoom session the week of convention.


What do I need to download?

You should download Zoom, install it and test it on your computer in advance. We highly recommend all attendees use the downloadable version of Zoom (as opposed to the web browser version) as some browsers do not support the polling feature, which is necessary for obtaining CLE credit.

For CLE purposes, how will you know I am paying attention?

OAJ Headquarters will be able to see the times you logged in and out of each session and your answer to poll questions. In order to receive CLE credits you must answer the poll questions.

What if I log off a session early?

OAJ will be able to see when you log on and log off each session. We cannot award CLE credit for any part of the session you did not attend.


How do I receive CLE credit?

To receive CLE credit you must be logged onto a session, answer all polls, and take the follow-up survey provided after the event.


How does the Self Study Library work?

After the convention, OAJ will provide attendees with a code to access the session recordings at no charge in the OAJ Self Study Library through SeminarWeb.


Can I watch something live, and then watch it again after?

We ask that you please do not “double dip” for CLE credit. You are welcome to re-watch a session but will not be awarded CLE credit for something you already attended live.

What if I cannot connect?

If you cannot connect please call Seminar Web at 737-201-2059.

Please keep in mind that if you are unable to resolve your connection issue in time, you can always access the content after convention in the Self Study Library.

Can I jump from one session to another?

We discourage it because it will complicate and delay the process of awarding you CLE credit. Try not to channel surf.

What kind of credit is the 2020 Virtual Annual Convention approved for?

The live portion of this convention is approved for Live Interactive Self Study CLE through the Supreme Court of Ohio. It has also been approved in West Virginia and Kentucky.


The Self Study Library has been approved for Self-Study CLEs by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Is everything worth CLE credit?

All sessions are worth CLE credit except for:

  • Thursday Lunch: Award Ceremony and Supreme Court Candidate Q&A

  • Thursday Evening: Beer Tasting with Seventh Son

  • Thursday Evening: Women’s Caucus

  • Friday Lunch: Award Ceremony and AA Update


I registered for the beer tasting. When will I get my shipment?

You will receive your beer by mid-week of convention. Cheers!

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